Run. Walk. Tackle Childhood Obesity.

Kids TD Run

At 8:00am (15 minutes prior to the start of the 5K) all kids 10 and under are invited to participate in the Kids Touchdown Run. The Run will be from goal line to goal line on the football field at the 82nd Street Park. There will be two waves: 1) The younger kids 5- under 2) The older kids 6-10 years of age.

Each participant will receive a special gift for participating in the Kids Touchdown Run.

Immediately after the Kids Touchdown Run, everyone is invited to the start line of the 5K & 1-Mile Walk for the honorary Mascot Dash. The Mascot Dash will officially kick off the run.

Don’t forget to stick around, after the 5K and 1-Mile Walk, there will be plenty of more fun and games, lots of snacks from our sponsors, the team competition and the presentation of the individual and team awards. 


The Kids’ fun run is a 100 Yard Dash and will take place on the field at the 82nd Street Park. Please take a look at the map to view where the Dash will take place.

Course map and details coming soon.

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Friends and family are invited to cheer on the young runners as they compete in the Kids’ Dash; we recommend making encouraging signs for your runner, wearing personalized T-Shirts and even face paint! Parents and family can watch the Kids’ Dash from the sidelines of the “football field”

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For the Kids’ Dash, all children will receive a medal at the end of the race for their participation and in honor of displaying true leadership and dedication to supporting the cause to keep kids healthy and active!

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Kids’ Dash FAQ

What is the cut-off age for the Kids’ Dash?

  • On the day of the race, your child must be 10 years old or younger to participate in the Dash.

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